Senior Valuer

What makes a good valuer you ask? The role is more than an aptitude for numbers but an ethos for striving for more. The blend of a critical eye and soft nature, Ben assures his clients are provided with solid, unbiased advice from their first initial meeting. Relationships, like everything at Verdala, form the base of a great valuer. Ben’s 6 years in estate agency has led to connections across the new build sector, large solicitor firms, surveyors, and lettings teams. It is not in the number of connections a valuer holds but how they are used. Ben has a great way with people and uses his local connections to ensure his clients receive the most up-to-date and relevant information. A competitive person, Ben uses this trait to ensure his listings have the edge in the marketplace. You will find Ben in one of two places; either on a client’s sofa chatting through their sales plans and strategy or rallying up the team to ensure we all aim for nothing less than excellence.

Home for Ben is on the local golf courses practising his short game and playing football with friends.